With the renaissance and the great development that our world is constantly witnessing in the field of very low frequency metal detectors and pulse induction devices or those known as devices with search coils of different sizes.

The MWF Group has taken it upon itself to develop a new and advanced series of metal detectors within a new and advanced perspective, and in 2019 the group established its first research and development center in Germany, which is our center (Vogel for Detection Technology). The Vogel Center for Detectors Technology is a German-European center that includes a group of Engineers and European scientific competencies and expert in gold and metal detector systems and devices.

Our center started in research and development operations since then until we reached the development of metal detectors with new characteristics, high specifications and highly competitive devices on the market, but within modern technologies and a new concept in the world of digital metal detectors.

QZ 80

QZ 80

QZ 80″ is the ideal detector with unprecedented specifications to search for gold, treasure caches, gold nuggets of all sizes and coins. It has a great ability to detect and identify targets and unparalleled features.

This detector is characterized by its small size, ease of use, and a modern and advanced design where all parts of the device can be separated from each other, you can now go to the excavation trips with blind confidence and enjoy finding your deep targets, it can distinguish between targets, isolate non-precious targets and many other features.

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advanced metal detector


FALKE is an advanced metal detector for professionals, which combines all the specifications and characteristics needed by treasure hunters and gold seekers in one device.

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Falke" New Gold & Treasure Detector

Falke is an advanced metal detector for professional prospectors, which combines all the specifications and characteristics needed by treasure hunters and gold seekers in one device, The FALKE Gold Detector works by advanced detection systems that give you high performance in achieving amazing results and reaching great depths that you could not reach before


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Why Vogel Metal Detectors?

We offer you great experiences in manufacturing the latest advanced systems and devices specialized in detecting gold, metals and treasure caches, based on extensive studies and experiences conducted by our engineering and scientific team from research and development to obtain ideal results that satisfy all prospectors, explorers and hobbyists. Our products are characterized by many, many modern characteristics and specifications. Which enabled it to be the first in the world.

Features of Vogel

There are a lot of things that distinguish Vogel products

Safe and fast battery charging system

Battery charging system which provides fast charging while maintaining the long life of the batteries.

UI UX is modern and comfortable

The user interface is modern and comfortable, showing all device features, settings and search interfaces.

Show the target ID on the device screen

Showing the identity of the target on the device screen, accurate discrimination of gold, precious and non-precious metals, with the feature of setting a mask to ignore targets.

Perfect detection frequencies

Perfect detection frequencies that have been meticulously studied to obtain unprecedented results.

Advanced DoubleD search coils

Advanced DoubleD search coils with great focus and performance, able to isolate ambient effects while maintaining optimal results.

Modern products

Modern products with professional design, giving prospectors and hobbyists great confidence in them.

High quality products

High quality and efficient products, manufactured from internationally rated materials and parts.

An easy control panel

An easy and uncomplicated control panel that gives the user quick control over all search programs and general settings

Multiple search modes

You will find in each device more than one search mode, such as the search for treasures, the search for coins, the general search, and the search for the photographer (graphic).

Large Detection Depths

Large Detection Depths The detection depths that our devices can reach enable you to reach targets that you have not discovered before.

Special electronic processors

Special electronic processors, which will quickly process the operation and accurate results while maintaining the correct frequency shape and quality of the search, with an error rate of 0%.

Multi language device

Multilingual contains 6 international languages, With the ability to add other languages you want.
Spanish Russian Arabic English French German

Accurate target discrimination

Accurate target discrimination, our devices can distinguish targets and identify each target, while also isolating unwanted targets.

The ability to deal with all types of soil

The ability to deal with all types of soil, even if it is rocky soil or mountainous areas.

Confidence in achieving goals

Perfect performance with integrated results that give the user great confidence in achieving goals.

Built-in lithium-ion batteries

Built-in lithium-ion batteries provide you , give 10 hours working time minimum.

Screen with TFT technology

TFT color screens, give the user a clear view at day and night.

Iron off feature.

Iron Metal Cancellation, a cool feature that makes you ignore iron targets.

Automatic Ground Calibration System

Our products are equipped with an automatic ground balance system that gives the user accurate and fast adjustment with the soil while maintaining a high level of sensitivity of the targets.

High-quality carry bag

All products come with high quality storage and carrying bag and professional packaging.

Warranty card for 3-years

We give our company a real warranty of 3- years, please see the terms of the warranty
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