advanced metal detector

QZ 80

QZ 80" is the ideal detector with unprecedented specifications to search for gold, treasure caches, gold nuggets of all sizes and coins. It has a great ability to detect and identify targets and unparalleled features.


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advanced metal detector

QZ 80 many features

This detector is characterized by its small size, ease of use, and a modern and advanced design where all parts of the device can be separated from each other, you can now go to the excavation trips with blind confidence and enjoy finding your deep targets, it can distinguish between targets and isolate non-precious targets and many, many other features.

Features of QZ 80

QZ 80 is an advanced scientific device with great features and specifications for detecting gold and metals, providing all the features needed by all prospectors.

Easy control

Easy control and adjustment of all search criteria, fast and accurate results.

fast charging system

Intelligent and fast charging system


Sensitivity control feature.

perfect user interface

The perfect user interface that gives you quick adjustment and clear results.

Accurate distinction

Accurate distinction between targets.

Mask feature

Masking feature for targets to be ignored.

perfect control panel

The perfect control panel, the ability to control all the device's features with one finger.

wonderful user interface

The wonderful user interface, gives you quick and easy control of all programs

Multi language device

Multilingual contains 6 international languages, With the ability to add other languages you want.
Spanish Russian Arabic English French German

TFT color

TFT color data and results display

Ignore the iron metal.

The ability of the device to discard iron metal.

Device Accessories

Detailed device accessories
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main unit

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Coil 1

Full 1

Coil 2

Full 1


Full 1


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Hand grip

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full device

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Photo Gallery

Product images in nature and practical environment

This device contains 4 different detection modes that enable you to carry out meaningful detection operations and reach your goals in the least time and effort.

General position

General position, provides graphical results to distinguish between valuable and non-valued metals.

Treasures mode

Treasures mode, with a high concentration that distinguishes on the screen and through the sound between valuable and non-valuable metals and also distinguishes gold, caves and spaces.

Coin mode

Putting coins and gold ores, the search mode allows controlling all the characteristics of the detection system to provide ideal results, distinguish between targets and isolate targets, with the Pinpointer system to determine the centering point of the target.

Depth mode

Depth mode, a special program for determining the depth of targets.